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  • Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener (bara maskinen)
  • Tormek T-1 med separat bryning på brynskiva i kompositmaterial med integrerat polermedel.
  • Patenterad styrning med steglös inställning av eggvinkeln.
  • Magnet som samlar upp stålpartiklar från slipningen och patenterad styrning. Tormek T-1
  • Knivslipen för hemmakocken med finkornig diamantslipskiva för professionellt resultat.
  • Rejält trähandtag i massiv ek behandlad med hårdvaxolja.
  • Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener har en snygg, subtilt industriell design som ger den en given plats i köket.
  • Tormek T-1 3D-model
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Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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The first real knife sharpener for the home chef. Unlike a simpler sharpener, hand lapper or honing steel, it sharpens the entire bevel of the knife, not just the outer edge. With the Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener, you’ll never have to send your knives out for sharpening – you can easily get them to professional sharpness yourself in a matter of minutes. At home in your own kitchen.

Selected Features

  • Precise setting of the sharpening angle with the patented guide.
  • Fine-grained diamond grinding wheel for professional results. 
  • Composite honing wheel with integrated polishing agent for razor sharpness.
  • Minimal material removal – you don't grind away more steel than necessary.
  • Quiet running – only 45 dB
  • Powder-coated housing fully cast in zinc, with a sturdy oak handle.
  • 8-year warranty – 5 years + 3 years extra with online registration (for household use only).


Home Chefs Deserve Professional Sharpness Too

Tormek has been developing sharpening machines for professional kitchens for many years. The highly regarded Tormek T-2 Pro Kitchen Knife Sharpener sharpening machine is used by the Swedish Culinary Team and several Michelin star restaurants. Using this experience, Tormek has now developed the first real knife sharpener for the home chef.

The T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener has a sleek, subtly industrial design that gives it a natural place in the modern kitchen. Because whether you're cooking in a restaurant or at home in your own kitchen, the chef's most important tool is not a knife, but a real knife sharpener.

Technical specifications

Width 204 mm (8")
Depth 196 mm (7 ¾")
Height 181 mm (7 1/8")

Incl. packaging 6.2 kg (13.7 lbs)
Machine only 5.4 kg (11.9 lbs)

DF-150 Conical Diamond Wheel Fine
∅ 150 × 18 mm (5 7/8" × 5/8")
Max 200 rpm

PW-160 Conical Composite Honing Wheel
Composite, ABS plastic
∅ 160 × 30 mm (6 ¼" × 1 3/16")

Precision-cast housing in powder-coated zinc
Bottom in impact-resistant plastic
Handle in solid oak treated with hard wax oil

Single-phase, AC-motor
120 W (input power)
Recommended operation 30 min/h
Quiet running, 45 dB
10 000 operating hours

1,7 m

To see all patents, please visit

Included in the box

Knife Protection Pads – One additional set

Edge Protecion – 1x 30x305 mm, 1x 60x305 mm


Getting Started information


The fine-grained diamond wheel is optimized for razor-like sharpness, so we have just one small warning: There is a major risk this will become your new favorite gadget!


    17° is a good angle to start with if you are unsure of what angle to choose. A small angle will cut more easily, while a large angle will give a stronger edge.


    Insert the knife into the guide. Follow the edge profile and apply gentle pressure, as if you were slicing a tomato.


    Remove the burr and polish the knife on the honing wheel to achieve a razor-sharp edge.

Customer Reviews

Based on 322 reviews
Gil Félip
My new way of life in the kitchen….

Sharp knifes are key in the kitchen…previously I was sharpening my knifes with a Tormek T4.Doing so was a bit complex with the heavy installation, the water splashing, the dirt generated by the stones…and what about the spécial tools to handle the knifes at the right angle….a bit complicated when you are short in Time….with the T1 all of this belong to the past …drop it on the table, plug the outlet (eventually adjust the angle if all your knifes are not based on the same angle) and go ! No waste of time, , the process is quick, clean and efficient….and thé blades are really sharp ! Very happy with this New tool ! For the Price It´s a must have.( delivery by DHL was really bad)

udo bonacker
Tormek T1

Tolles Produkt.
Einfach zu hãndeln. Tolles Schleifergebnis

ChristopheChristophe Piacentini
Tormek T1

Enfin reçu,

Excellent produit avec finition haut de gamme et réglage d'affutage très bon.

A recommander

Jeanette V.
Amazing! Left my old knives cutting like new!

Love it so much! It’s so easy to store and sharpening has never been easier! I had an old dull knife and when is used the tormek on it, it left it like brand new! Super sharp clean cuts A DREAM! So easy to use, store, and quality is 100!

john squillace
Fantastic machine

The best sharpener I have purchased by far , I have them all Tsop,Horl2 and this one is the best so far . I liked that you guys sent Band aides with this purchase got a kick from that one. Great product

Volker Weber

Top !!