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  • DF-150 Conical Diamond Wheel Tormek
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Conical Diamond Wheel Fine

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The Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener is supplied with the Conical Diamond Wheel Fine fully assembled. If your diamond grinding wheel is damaged or worn out in any way, it can be replaced with this spare part.

How long does the diamond wheel for the T-1 last?

The diamond wheel (DF-150) lasts for thousands of sharpenings. It is difficult to give a more precise answer because it depends on how you use it. In the vast majority of households, it will allow you to sharpen your knives for a lifetime or more. The finish of the grinding wheel will get finer and finer over time and if you ever want to supplement with a brand new one, we recommend keeping the earlier one for times when you want a really nice finish.

You can see how to change the diamond wheel in the manual for the Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener