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Edge Marker

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Tormeks Edge Marker is a permanent high-quality marker with a cut tip. That makes it easy to colour the bevel when you want to find and repeat an existing edge angle of your knife. This makes the sharpening faster and you do not remove more steel than neccesary. Your knives last longer. 

  • Permanent marker with Tormek print. 
  • Cut tip for colouring different edges.
  • Colour the sharpening phase of  your knife to see where the sharpening takes place.

Find the edge angle with the Tormek marker method

Here's how to use the marker to set your sharpening to the existing angle of the blade:

  1. Colou the sharpening phase, insert your knife into the guide and set the angle that the whole phase of the knife touches the grinding wheel.
  2. With the machine off, move the grinding wheel with your hand and check where on the phase the marking vanishes.
  3. Change the angle and repeate until the colour vanishes on the whole phase. The angle is right now and you can start to sharpen your knife.


The Edge marker is alkoholbased and has a tip with a witdth of 1-4,6 mm.